May, 2002     Wesley News of the Strongsville United Methodist Church


The Bishop’s Initiative on Children & Poverty Announces “A Quarter Challenge”

During annual conference 2002, which district can bring the most Quarters? Delegates are to bring quarters collected to the Annual Conference where collection jars for each district will be available for the contest. All monies collected will go to our “Hope for the Children of Africa: the Dendera Project.” There will be prizes for the winning district.  SUMC collection jars will be available in the church office and Pastor Paula’s Office. Please drop in your spare quarters the next time you visit.



SUMC makes commitment to new Habitat for Humanity home

The Cleveland District of the United Methodist Church is sponsoring and building a Habitat for Humanity home on Cleveland’s near west side. Strongsville United Methodist Church has committed to Habitat for Humanity for funding a portion of the project. Our goal is to make a donation of $2,000. In order to fulfill this commitment, there will be a $2.00 Sunday on May 5th.  We are asking every man, woman and child to bring at least $2.00 to donate to the project.  There will be special envelopes available for the collection of this donation.


The Strongsville United Methodist Men are sponsoring two workdays during the construction of the home. We would like to fully staff the site on Thursday, May 16 and Saturday, May 18.  You need not be an Olympic athlete, weight lifter, or experienced carpenter to participate. There will be plenty of work that does not involve heavy lifting or climbing ladders. If you are at least 14 years old and are interested in helping, we can put you to work. We will probably be hanging vinyl siding and installing windows.  A sign-up sheet is available on the bulletin board by the nursery, or you may contact Brian Sheetz, 427-9656 or  Further information concerning transportation, strategy meetings, and construction site activities will be forthcoming.



On The Way


Sermon Topics for Saturdays in May and June:


May 4     1 Peter 3:13-22  “Not on Our Own”

May 11   Greg Grimwood, guest speaker

May 18   Acts 2  “A New Day Has Come”

May 25   Greg Grimwood, guest speaker


Sermon Series: Fruit Producing Lives  -- Ever look at a fruit bowl and say, “Well, I like the oranges and kiwi, but yuck, mangos – no way!”  In this series we will look at the fruit of the Spirit and how we can live in the midst of a world which tries to entice to choose which fruit we will eat.


June 1    Love and Faithfulness

June 8    Joy and Peace

June 15  Patience and Self-Control

June 22  Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness



On Sunday, May 26th during both worship services, we will dedicate gifts given to the church in memory of an individual.

We are thankful for these remembrances of lives lived in love and service to Christ and to the church.



A simple, grateful thought turned heavenward is the most perfect prayer.

-Doris Lessing



Rev. Ron to undergo surgery


Dear Friends,


As I announced in worship on April 21st, I am having surgery for prostate cancer on April 25th and will be absent from the parish for three weeks. The cancer was discovered through a routine PSA blood work exam (men over 45, I recommend you have this yearly...this can save your life). I give great thanks for medical knowledge which enables us to discern this cancer before it can be detected physically. I have decided to follow the surgical means of dealing with the cancer from the many options now available for treatment. All three levels of measuring aggressiveness of Prostate Cancer look towards my favor. However, we will not know whether the cancer has been invasive until following the surgery.


During part of the time of my absence from the parish, Pastor Paula had already been scheduled to be on vacation in England. I am pleased that the church continues to affirm her need for relaxation and rejuvenation. Thus, Rev. Joe Santomen (former pastor, now retired from this church) will be covering the parish needs from May 6th through May 14th. He may be contacted through the church office. I am most grateful for the high caliber of Joe’s leadership and pastoral care ability and give thanks that he is available to serve the work of Christ again in the Strongsville United Methodist Church.


Sue and I covet your prayers and give thanks for your support. Even though we will be physically absent from you we will continue to undergird you in our prayer life as well.


In Prayer,

Rev. Ron



From the Pastor’s Study


Spirit of Joy

“Count it all joy, my brethren, when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.” James 1:2-3


The early spring has been a difficult one for Bernie Beaver. With the very dry winter, the lack of high snowfall and the cold March weather, his colony has been affected. Normally in the spring the concern is about the dam holding back the cascading water. However, this year in northern Ohio the dam has held up quite well; although at the top, where the water has not lapped the edges, some cracks are beginning to show. But, for a beaver, that is no difficulty. More mud is just dragged up from the bottom of the pond and packed into the cracks.


The problem is the water level. It is much lower than it has ever been previously. Slowly Bernie’s house has been sinking. Already the back door has become unusable because it is stuck in the ground. Bernie is quite concerned about the future of his family and friends. This has made him disconsolate and irritable.


What really helps to irritate Bernie is his daughter, Betty. Betty is always happy. How dare she? She swims around the house whistling her merry tune and always seems to have some kind of a humorous story to share with the family. Bernie has tried to talk to her about her attitude which seems to be incongruous with the climatic situation. But Betty says that she is not worried about the rainfall. She believes God will provide for the welfare of the family.


As if Betty’s attitude is not enough, last Sunday in church Minnie the Minister gave her sermon. The topic was “One of the Fruits of the Spirit-the Fruit of Joy.” Minnie talked about the fact that, for a Christian, joy is not limited to Christmas or Easter. God asks that joy be a constant part of a Christian life.


After church, as Bernie slapped tails with Minnie at the church door, his teeth glistened with anger. He loudly questioned Minnie as to how she could possible feel joy in the midst of drought and threat. Minnie stated that, for a Christian, there is no problem so great that God cannot overcome. “As Christians we are to work with God in seeing that we live in hope for tomorrow,” stated Minnie.


Slowly the realization came to Bernie Beaver. He had been worried so much about his beaver home and dam that he had failed to allow God to be a God of joy. He had sincerely prayed to God, making all kinds of requests for rain, but he had not allowed the joy of God to become a part of his life. He thought about a section of the Bible from James. How, even in the midst of trial, that we are to count it all as joy because such difficulty helps produce steadfastness.


Slowly Bernie worked on changing his attitude. He tried to make it parallel to that of Betty and Minnie. Slowly he found that life seemed merrier and easier to handle when he trusted in God and allowed God’s work to be done instead of depending upon his own beaver worry.


The rain did not come for several more weeks but Bernie was able to function because he trusted God completely. He did not worry for he knew God was in control. Because of this, he had joy.


O Lord, help us to find joy even in the drought of life. Amen.


Rev. Ron Mowry


From Pastor Paula’s desk

Recently in my reading of the devotional Postcards from Heaven, which is written as letters from God based on Scripture, by Claire Cloninger,  I read these words:


My dear one,

You spend tremendous energy on trying to be a good Christian.  But self-effort will never produce the completed saint.   Instead spend that same amount of time and effort just sitting at my feet. Read my Word. Listen to my voice. Absorb my truth. Let the lifeblood of my gospel flow through your veins, and you will begin to be remade. A person will most surely become like those with whom he or she keeps company. Trust me. I am faithful, and I will never ask of you what I am not willing to perform in your life. I will do it!

-- God


WOW!  As you think about spring and look around you at what is coming to life, allow your own walk with God to come to life in ways you have never experienced before.


I Thessalonians 5:23-24

Now may God himself, the God of peace, make you pure, belonging only to Him.  May your whole self – spirit, soul, body – be kept safe and without fault when our Lord Jesus Christ comes. You can trust the One who calls you to do that for you.


Blessings this spring day!


Pastor Paula Koch



Friday Fellowship

Friday Fellowship has just had another successful Chicken ‘n Biscuit dinner!


Mark May 17 on your calendars for another exciting day. We will have lunch at University Inn. From there the bus will take us to the Omnimax Theatre at the Great Lakes Science Center, where we will view the movie Titanica. The bus will leave the church at 11 am.  When reservations are made, pay Betty Smith $16 for admission to the theatre.  Deadline is May 12.


May Birthdays

May 5     Marge Turek

May 7     Marilyn Verbsky, Myrna Nored

May 10   Eleanor Bohlander

May 14   Dorothy Richards, 88

May 17   Maxine Painter, 89

May 17   Howard Richards

May 27   Betty Berry

May 30   Grace Heddesheimer, 91

May 30   Ginny McKee


Rustad Library

Friday Fellowship has graciously donated a memorial book in the name of Andrea A. Bakker.  Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography by Bruce Chilton examines the Jewish life and teachings that have inspired Christianity.


I Thought My Father Was God is a collection of short stories which encompass an extraordinary range of settings, time periods, and subjects.  All of the stories are true and remarkable.  Thank you to an anonymous donor for purchasing this book for the library.


Welcome new librarian Fern Black.  Fern has generously volunteered to join Debbie Miller as church librarians.  Thank you Cathy Early for donating so much of your time and talents to the Rustad Library.  Cathy will be moving and will be truly missed.  God Bless You!



United Methodist Women
Cleveland District UMW Spring Meeting

Monday, May 13

5:30 pm registration

Brecksville UMC

Dinner and Program, “Courageous Women”

The program will focus on the

five Mary’s of Jesus’ time.

RSVP: Karen, 572-1084, by May 5th


Lydia & Elizabeth Circles

Most women own treasured  pieces of glassware that have been handed down through the family.  Elizabeth and Lydia Circle members will have the chance to enjoy learning more about vintage glassware this month as they are hosted by Marilyn Verbsky, who will share her knowledge about her collection of Depression and Fenton glass.


Lydia Circle will meet in Tiber Hall at 12:30 pm on May 2 for our box lunch, after which we will car pool to Marilyn’s home. For more information, please contact Betty Berry, 238-6495, or Grace Kellner, 234-0938.


Elizabeth Circle will meet Monday, May 6 at 7:30 pm at Marilyn’s home, 17756 Shurmer Road.  Come and enjoy seeing Marilyn’s collection of glassware as well as taking part in our fellowship with a Christian focus.  We will also be making favors for the Mother-Daughter Banquet.  RSVP: Karen Muskoff, 572-1084.



Stephen Ministry

There is nothing too trivial.  If it's something, anything, that's "bugging" you, then maybe it'd help to have someone to whom you can talk.  And that's what we've been trained to do; listen.


Let us, your Stephen Ministers, help find God's solution and answer to your issue.  Whether it is just because you're missing your children (all away at school), have finally decided to turn to God for help in stopping ______ (fill in the blank to match the monkey on your back) or any other thing where a sister or brother in Christ just may help you determine the next step to take, give a call!


Just contact Rev. Ron or Pastor Paula (238-6135), Mark or Karen Milia (572-0608), Hildi Fitzpatrick (572-5004), Bev, Wells (572-1415) or Jim Boyer (572-4976); we are here for you!



Mission supplies urgently needed

Beth Ferrell is one of three missionaries that Strongsville UMC supports through a covenant relationship.  In addition to the $2500 annual financial gift we provide as a congregation, the mission team is pursuing ways to provide additional support. Beth has completed her relocation to Sierra Leone, arriving in the war-torn country on the west coast of Africa on December 19, 2001. Beth, a registered nurse, will be establishing community health programs in two clinics in the town of Bo. Beth has provided us with a list of urgently needed supplies and instructions on how to ship them. Her needs include equipment/furniture, medical supplies, medicines, laboratory equip-ment/supplies, malaria treatment, intravenous solutions, eye medicine, skin treatment ointment, and personal hygiene items.


The next opportunity to ship supplies to Beth will be in May or early June.  If you, or a group that you belong to, are in a position to help with any of Beth’s specific needs, or if you are interested in additional information regarding direct support of Beth’s work in Sierra Leone, please contact John Huie, Mission Team Chair.



May is Music Appreciation Month

This year, instead of Music Appreciation Sunday, the entire month of May is going to be a time when we will be expressing thanks to all those who praise the Lord in the Music Ministry at Strongsville UMC.  There are so many talented groups who regularly perform that it is no longer feasible to try and have them all perform as part of one special service.


Each Sunday all year long our many groups perform as a regular part of the worship services. This tremendous accomplishment reflects the commitment each musician - man, woman or child - has made to rehearse and work on glorifying God with his or her voice and/or instrument.  Be sure to commend them in person and in your prayers as you hear them throughout this month in their concluding performances this season.  Praise God for the spiritually uplifting experiences we have had this year because of their dedication!  The persons who  perform in each group are listed below.


Sanctuary Choir

Don Shearer, Director

Adeline Huss, Organist

Rita Bodey, Eleanor Bohlander, Tim Braaten, Chuck Bricker, June Bricker, Jim Brickley, Ruth Brickley, Mike Caldwell, Jennifer Dettmer, Steve diLauro, Tammy Domann, Ellen Dublo, Sandy Dublo, Ken Emch, Hildi Fitzpatrick, Eve Hawk, Alys Herrick, Dick Herrick, Jeanne Kane, Sandy Kepke, Barb Krivos, Viola LeCastro, Sue Mowry, Dave Powell, Dianne Powell, Darleen Price, Betsey Santomen, Jackie Shear, Sue Shear, Barb Shearer, Debbie Smith, Kim Smith, Al Turek, Bev Wells, Sue Wells, Janet Wilford, Betsy Wilson, and Oren Youngstein.


Brass Choir

Randy Border, Director

Beth Greenham, Karli Jasko, Joe Ladesic, Scott Rovniak, Jonathan Shearer, Ryan Spence, Isabel Wright, Tom Doak, Dave Hartman, Jonathan Hartman, Chris Donze, Scott Keirn, Chris Shearer, Don Border, Tom Jasko, Deborah Smith, and Stephanie Griffin.

Moving 4Word

David Koch, Mark Hotz, Ron Shreve, Amanda Smith, Kim Smith, Paula Koch, Erin diLauro, and Bruce Wilson.

Crossroads Ringers

Jennifer Dettmer, Director

Wende Bakeman, Pat Crandall, Vicki Davis, Nancy Dawson, Cathy Dewyre, Chris Heddesheimer, Don Heddesheimer, Jennifer Hedinger, Karen Milia, Heidimarie Morgan, Darleen Price, Ardie Szabo, Betsy Wilson, and Alison Zamrzla.



Dick Herrick, Director

Laurie Berendsen, Donald Border, Mike Caldwell, Gale Franko, Jim Hite, Glenn Michalski, Marie Rady, Kim Wasielewski, and Bruce Wilson.


Joyful Noise Angels

Shirley Oltman, Director

Tammy Domann, Accompanist

Annie Abraham, Kaitlin Boone, Courtney Brewster, Ryan Brooks, Alexis Clemons, Lauren Clemons, Claire Davis, Scott Dewyre, Justin Domann, Erin Fiesler, Kristen Giesler, Megan Gravley, Hannah Hart, McKenzie Hart, Zachary Henkels, Emily Hotz, Samantha Hoyt, Maurene Kawecki, Maddie Kawiecki, Caroline Kinnen, Andrew Koszkalda, Elise Krueger, Kyle Krueger, Brandon Lumsden, Elizabeth Marohn, Bryce Mathis, Julia McGregor, Kelly Novak, Lynsey Oblisk, Hannah Patten, Jenna Rovniak, Clement Smith, Hannah Smith, Marissa Smith, Mitchell Soja, Emma Strick, Joey Szabo, Caleb Thomas, Carly Thomas, Eric Weiss, Rachel Wells, Tiara Westervelt, Emily Williams, Matthew Williams, Austin Wilson, and Colin Wilson.


Rainbow Express

Shirley Oltman, Director

Tammy Domann, Accompanist

Claire Abraham, Brian Capuder, Lauren Davis, Emily Erdelac, Aaron Geer, Holly Gerbec, Shayan Hart, Megan Hawk, Nicole Heiser, Rene Heiser, Tyler Hotz, Anna Huie, Benjamin Johnson, Colton Kawiecki, Sarah Kinnen, Sara Miller, Aaren Morris, Kelsey Oblisk, Matthew Owen, Chloe Patten, Jessica Rovniak, Kristina Scadden, Sarah Scadden, Zachary Soja, Whitney Szabo, Anthony Tarrant, Cort Thomas, Philip Townsend, Rayanne Weber, Ben Weisbrod, Chelsea Weiss, and Rachel Weiss.


The Commitments

Vickie Eicher, Director

Vicki Davis, Accompanist

Kelly Bakeman, Michael Border, Betsy Boyer, Marcie Boyer, Larry Capuder, Jr., Kirsten Cook, Mark DeNoble, Jeff Eicher, Brody Fiesler, Chuckie Hawk, Holly Honroth, Kristen Koszkalda, Amanda Ladesic, Joe Ladesic, Carli Luca, Alison MacDonald, Maegan Perri, Victor Perri, Jr., Chris Shearer, Greg Shearer, Amanda Smith, Matt Townsend, and Felicia Weisbrod.





We, as a congregation, rejoice with Mike Herb’s selection as an outstanding Strongsville Alumni. He was recently honored at a banquet. Mike is the husband of Patti and brother of Skip and Sue. We are proud of his service to the community through our safety forces and his representing of Strongsville alumni in such a positive manner.  Congratulations, Mike!


Did you know that one of our members is a top-ranked radio host?  Eric Saule’s Saturday night program on Akron’s WONE 97.5 received a No. 1 rating for the March rating period for the 18 to 34-year-old age bracket. He also got an 11 share, which means that out of 100 homes listening to the radio during his time period, 7 pm to midnight, 11 of them were tuned to his program. Congratulations, Eric!!



Christian Education News

"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ..."  -- Ephesians 4:11-12 NKJV


I would like to thank the many volunteers of the Education Work Area who gave so much to Christian Education at SUMC this past school year.  Your time and talents have been greatly appreciated!


As we move toward summer, preparations for the annual appreciation lunch, sponsored by COE, have begun.  The lunch will be May 5th at 12:00 noon.  COE members and everyone who has helped with Sunday School, Logos, adult Bible studies, and Confirmation are invited to attend this lunch with their immediate family members.   Please RSVP to Debbie Burd (440) 238-6135 by May 1st.   There is a sign-up sheet attached to the Church School Office door.

I look forward to seeing you there!


In Christ,

Debbie Burd, Director of Christian Education


VBS - June 24th - 28th

We still need help with Vacation Bible School.  If you can help, please contact Patty Mendenhall at (440) 846-6152 or Debbie Burd at (440) 238-6135.  ** Safe Sanctuary training is required for all helpers. **


We are in need of some help in the nursery on Sunday morning.  If you can help, please call Joan Thwaite at (440) 238-5043 or Debbie Burd at (440) 238-6135.


Parents of Children Crib - 3rd Grade

Please remember to sign your child(ren) "in" and "out" for Sunday School, choir, Logos, or any other church event.  Thanks for your help with Safe Sanctuary!


Congratulations to the members of our 2001-2002 Confirmation Class, who will be confirmed on Sunday, May 19 at the 11:00 am service:

Jordan Biagini, Betsy Boyer, Larry Capuder, Jr., Kirsten Cook, Mark DeNoble, Kevin Doak, Matthew Glass, Bobby Grebenc, Jennifer Greenham, Kevin Herb, Holly Honroth, John Karpinsky, Robby Koszkalda, Brian Kuch, Matthew McIntyre, Benjamin Parish, Maegan Perri, Gregory Shearer, Amanda Smith, Emma Stroemple, Allie Swan, Sara Thwaite, Grant Vanco, Eric White, and Rachel Wynn.





Register now for an exciting, inspirational, and educational retreat experience!

Growing up in today’s world is tough!  Youth and children must be able to face this reality and live with purpose, hope, faith, and joy.  These qualities can uniquely be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ!  The Logos program helps youth to build Christian relationships and prepares them for a lifetime of Christian discipleship.


SUMC is seeking leaders for our program to continue next year and beyond!



Logos Leadership Training Schools are designed to equip you with the tools to establish and sustain a Logos program. 

At Logos training you can expect to:


·         EXPERIENCE  all aspects of the Logos program.

·         RECEIVE  practical training in leadership, administration, and interpretation.

·         BE NURTURED  spiritually by worship, Bible study, and conversation.

·         LEARN  the theological, Biblical, and educational foundations of Logos.

·         BE INSPIRED  by a new vision of a nurturing ministry appropriate for the 21st century!


CAN’T WAIT TO ATTEND??!!  Ohio training sessions are available in Huron from Aug. 19-21, and Gahanna from Sept. 12-14.  Other sessions are available in Pennsylvania and Indiana as well.  SUMC will cover your training session registration fee; you just need to attend with an open mind and have FUN!  Call Deb Oblisk for more information at 846-2648.



National Veterans Wheelchair Games

From July 7-13, 2002 the Cleveland area will host the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Rev. Joseph Hilton, III, Chief of Chaplain Services - Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Cleveland and a member of the East Ohio Conference has extended an invitation to all United Methodists in East Ohio to support this national event. Both volunteers and contributions are needed to make the games a success.


This event brings together over 500 disabled veterans and is the largest wheelchair sporting event in the nation, if not the world. All of these athletes are people who answered our nation’s call to serve the cause of freedom. Some of them carry the cost of freedom in a most personal way. This is a way to honor and serve those who served us.


Both groups (such as UMM, UMW, UMYF, etc.) and individuals  can volunteer. If you would like an application to volunteer, please contact Bev. (238-6135) in the church office. For more information about volunteer opportunities for you or your group, please call the Volunteer Committee (440/526-3030, ext. 6971 or 6535).


Host families needed for AFS

Have you considered hosting an international student for a semester or a year in your home?  The commitment is to offer room and board and the tender loving care you would want your child to receive from a host family. All types of families make good hosts: i.e., single parents, couples with no children or grown children, or families with young children or teenagers.


Every AFS student has full medical/dental insurance and spending money.


Call Barb Ringle at 440-238-9344 to learn more about hosting an AFS student.



Congratulations to Bethel students

“If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  -- John 8:31b-32


The following Bethel Bible students were recognized during worship on Sunday, April 14th.


Bethel II

Sylvia Gerkin, Teacher

Completing Old & New Testament Study

Wende Bakeman                       Pam Strick

Terri Bialowas                            Millie Vazquez

Gail Fader                                  Tito Vazquez


Bethel I

Ron Bakeman, Teacher

Completing Old Testament Study

Johanna Brooks                         Amy Vance

Wayne Brooks                           Greg Vance



Notes from the Nurses


May is Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month.  More than an estimated 17 million people in the US have asthma.  Asthma is a disease in which the airways become blocked or narrowed.  An asthma episode is triggered by things in the environment.  These triggers vary from person to person, but common ones include cold air; exercise; allergens (things that cause allergies) such as dust mites, mold, pollen, or animal dander; and some types of viral infections.  When the small airways in a person’s lungs come into contact with an asthma trigger, they become inflamed and the muscles around these airways tighten, causing them to narrow.  Thick fluid (mucus) enters the airways narrowing them even further.  These effects are usually temporary but can cause breathing difficulties.  If an asthma episode is severe, a person may need emergency treatment to restore normal breathing.  Because each case of asthma is different, treatment needs to be tailored for each person.  One general rule, however, is to remove the things in the environment that can make your asthma worse.  At times medications are necessary and may either be inhaled or taken in pill form.  Two types of medications exist--quick-relief to control the immediate symptoms of an asthma episode, and long-term control to help lessen the frequency and severity of episodes over time. Asthma doesn’t have to put major limits on your life.  The best approach is to learn as much as you can about the disease and to work with your doctor to develop a treatment plan that works best for you.


Blood pressure checks this month are on Sunday, May 19th, between services in the Parlor.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Happy Nurses Day to all the nurses!


Betsy Mowry and Gail Spence



Joys & Concerns of the Parish



Congratulations to Kim Bloom & Brian Pease, who were married by Rev. Mowry in our sanctuary on April 13th.



We rejoice with the families of those who have joined the family of faith through the sacrament of baptism.   Baptized on Sunday, April 14 were Serene Lee McVay McCurley, adult daughter of Jerry & Barbara Thorne McVay; Cole Joseph McCurley, son of Joseph & Serene McVay McCurley; and Leah Michele Boros, daughter of Matthew and Amy Bandalene Boros.



The prayers and sympathy of the congregation are extended to Don & Katherine Selzer and family upon the death of Don’s brother, Lester, on March 30; to Scott Wright, Kelley Wright Johnson and Katie Wright upon the death of their grandfather, Frank Blasko, on March 28; to Val Lambert and family upon the death of her mother, Mary West, on April 6; to Harold & Mary Lou Wright upon the death of Mary Lou’s father, Howard McConnell, on April 8; and to Dolores Huhn and family upon the death of her sister-in-law, Dorothy Rehn, on April 7.


From our church’s mailbox


Dear Congregation,

We give our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their support during Dale's hospitalization. The visits from Rev. Ron, Pastor Paula and others, the flowers, cards, calls and inquiries were greatly appreciated. All of your love and prayers made things a lot easier. This church is truly a family and we are pleased to be a part of it.

In Appreciation,

Dale and Hildi Fitzpatrick



Dear Congregation,

You continue to make a difference to the food bank (and amaze me). Thank you for your continuous support and generous hearts. Your donation of $210.50 makes a difference in the lives of the people served by the food bank.

Thank you.

Ann Miley, Coordinator



Souled Out


Something to Think About

by Greg


“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart” -- Galatians 6:9


One of the tough parts of any ministry is that you want to see instant success in everything you do. You want to have 300 kids every Sunday night at Souled Out. You want at least 100 kids at your weekly Bible study in addition to Souled Out. You want every person between grades 7 and 12 in the city of Strongsville to be discipled one on one by an adult who seems to have all the answers. It’s great to have vision and goals for the ministry. The hard part is waiting. The hard part is accepting the fact that the seed doesn’t always fall on good soil. The hard part is trying to balance the importance of solid spiritual growth vs. just hanging out and having good fellowship together.


Obviously I’ve been in the ministry for a very short period of time. But I do know this: The Bible promises that if we remain diligent, in due season, we will do some major reaping. So we will continue to put Jesus at the center of this ministry. We will continue to get on our knees and ask God for direction and wisdom. And we will continue to challenge and push our adult leaders and youth.


When I think of what God can do through dedicated adults and youth who are willing to wait on the Lord, I think of a tree. Before a tree can grow up it has to grow down. It needs to gain a solid system of roots. That’s what we are doing. We are establishing our roots. As the roots gain strength and mature, they will better be able to nourish the mighty tree that God is growing at Strongsville UMC.  


Youth Calendar For May


Souled Out (UMYF)

Sundays, 6:30 - 8:00pm

At the church

May 5th - Is Dating for Me?

May 19th - Praying God’s Word

May 26th - Praying God’s Word

(no meeting on Mother’s Day)


Youth Bible Study

Monday, May 13th & 27th

7:00 - 8:00pm

At the church

Open to all youth and their

friends. Come whenever

you can!


Cory Kitchen

Tuesday, May 28th

Call Mrs. Peck (572-6008) if you want to go. We will leave the church at 4:30pm.


Friday Fest

May 17th & 31st, 9:00 - 11:00pm

At the church

Open to all youth and their friends.

Come and hang out, bring your favorite game or movie!

Be there!



Talk to Greg (238-6135) to find out more about any of the activities or check the Youth Bulletin Board in the atrium.



Youth Ministry Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip youth with a solid foundation in Jesus Christ, with excitement for spiritual growth, that they may be alive in their faith and make a difference for Christ in the world.




The Wesley News is published monthly by the Strongsville United Methodist Church. Deadline for articles is the 15th of every month for the following month’s newsletter. Articles can be mailed or dropped off in the church office (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm) or e-mailed to either or

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